Urban Landscapes

Working in mixed media, Butler creates layers and depth in his scenes that in many ways mimic the environments themselves.

An urban landscape is far richer and more complex than a first glance would ever imply. Whilst formidable structures and striking architecture might at first capture the eye, the details and intricacies that make a city are what captures the imagination.

Butler’s work, upon first look, is an accomplished contemporary representation of some of the world’s most iconic urban landscapes. But on second look, and third, a rich, detailed and often humorous narrative will emerge.

Butler creates this narrative with an expert use of characterisation; the people that occupy his scenes, a stylised representation of society that has often been compared to L.S. Lowry, are complemented and modernised with Butler’s collages.

His inclusion of newspaper text, slogans, statements or a single word, adds a depth and intrigue that keeps the audience hooked.

This murmur from the artist, a quiet commentary accompanying the scene itself can be likened to the hum of the city, the gentle chatter of a metropolis. With this, Butler brings an essence of the City onto our walls and into our homes.