The Rise of the UK Coastal Staycations - Tom Butler Artist

The Rise of the UK Coastal Staycations

England has been out of lockdown for a few weeks now, over 18 months after Covid first hit us and wow, what a crazy time it has been. For an artist that works with landscapes I have found it tough at times to get the creativity flowing without the luxury of visiting the places I am recreating. But the memories, photographs, and inspiration I find online has enabled me to keep creating. 

I have found myself gravitating towards creating coastal pieces recently - perhaps due to the increase in British staycations due to Covid. It’s been wonderful to connect with viewers using these coastal pieces by giving them hope for travel a little closer to home. Perhaps we have realised that, whilst international travel is still something we all might yearn for and want, there is such beautiful scenery right here on our doorstep and actually there isn’t a need to travel far – the British Isles coast has everything you could wish for in a holiday.

Cornwall and Devon have been firm favourites for me and family for many years, and I enjoy recreating the quintessentially British seaside scenes. Squawking seagulls, 99 flakes, bobbing boats moored in little harbours are all iconic parts to an English coastal holiday! 

I’ve had some fun with the newspapers and magazine cut outs in some of my coastal pieces too, including the addition of a few hidden celebs! Can you spot the Doc in ‘'High Tide, Port Isaac’ or the celebrity chef in 'Harbour at Dawn'? Capturing that other level to my work is key here, I love connecting with the viewer on different levels.

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Now, has anyone else got a craving for fish and chips or is it just me?